Not known Details About dining in klcc

The male is usually a moron, I lived in KL for five many years with my Malaysian Chinese partner and it’s a load of shit. Malay Females are as beautiful as any, to generalize Malays as lazy is actually a guaranteed sign of your annoyance of some pathetic expat with white skin working a 9 to five job and seeking to be Major Doggy in what he considers a 3rd entire world nation.

I call it Karma. What goes all over comes all over. Europeans are disgusting creatures and are entitled to what they've coming to them.

It’s been four yrs since Ive been to KL but this is precisely as I try to remember it. Charlie nailed it!

Sure simply because when a [comparatively] rich foreigner travels the earth Plainly the location with the best amount of women that will reject him is Malaysia. LOL! No, as Evidently mentioned, Charlie’s biggest problem with Malaysia is definitely the significant retardation degree, not the Girls.

You fellas feel that muslim Girls have essential legal rights? becoming stoned to death for adultery? adultery isnt even a crime in western nations nevertheless they not just obtain the death penalty, they get TORTURED (stoned to death) in the method.

KL is a wonderful location to observe El Matador’s assistance and go to the mall. The Petronas Towers Possess a mall downstairs called KLCC which constantly has very hot chicks in it, with outdoors restaurants out back and a big foodstuff court docket upstairs. The challenge is KLCC will be the Malaysian, Islamic-owned shopping mall, so you can find too many Saudis and ugly Malay ladies there.

Amusing .. anyone instructed me exactly the same factor when they describe the whites within the States. Words which include Lazy .

I’m an American and lived in KL for three decades. People do are usually ignorant due to this racism life. In my observation, my preference I'd say Malay Gals would be the prettiest.

wow… this is the best web site everrrrr… and brutally trustworthy & racist & every little thing but in superior spirit, Allow’s not be so delicate, us Asians are damn reduced, we’re constantly getting sensitive becoz we received a significant inferiority complicated, it’s not abt the fu*king race, it’s the person, altho’ normally there are many qualities which are far more pronounced in some people, race will never exist soon, the whole world is acquiring extra globalized just about every minute, awaken u motherfu*kers!

If we soup up that ‘shit’ Proton only a wee little bit far more, and regulate to have it close to your horseshit disguised trade obstacles, we’d be exporting one million additionally of it a 12 months in your country, and harm revenue of the Unwell GM, Ford and Chrysler all the more.

Malaysian heritage books, Primarily those in school, are so filled with lies and outright misrepresentation, I'm in some cases worried click here the new breed of Malay-Arab wannabes will reach rewriting the background with the Malays and Malaysia.

Just one miscalculation, Malay here is merely 600s around decades where by China have arrived to trade right here regarding the exact same time

Chinese women and Arab are betrayer, Vietnamese and Indians are loyal I'm not confident about Melayu They're chic adorable and lovely they have got a smooth pores and skin but I have never check out on Melayu women

hahaha whoever wrote This is often just Yet another bellend? man you are only racist. condemning the malays rather than one other races that live in Malaysia way too? open your eyes reaally reaally huge since i’m guessing you’re chinese as your looks as if backing them up a tad an excessive amount of, eh?

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